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Brown Organic and Feminine Restaurant Lo

To know ones self : Addressing the disconnect between the root & Sacral 

What to expect

  • Sacred Movement

  • Power of the Moon Cycles

  • Body Scans

  • Meditation

  • Group Discussion on Sourcing Creative & Sexual Fire 

  • Self Care Essentials

  • Community

  • Brunch & Dinner Probided

Clear Intentions

Choosing this journey is deciding to awaken what is hidden from view but not out of reach or sight.

We will gather and establish a frequency that prompts our collective advancement toward building sturdy foundations in wholeness, balance & restoration.  A nurtured healing of our sacral chakra will unfurl.


While witnessing and holding this established space, we'll explore our internal landscapes and absorb the additional benefits of holding this intention in communal intent. 

Our initiative will cultivate the development of a clear image of ones self identity through deep body exploration. The utilization of tools and resources will reconnect ones state of balance. Manifesting from the root and thus ones purest intentions from the sacral chakra, rather then clouded contaminated frequencies.


This journey along side its processes will facilitate and allow a leaning into the ultimate trust of our bodies to guide this transformative experience. We each will walk away rejuvenated, informed & in bliss. 

Sitting Meditation

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