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Pen, Pad & Zen:
Grief, grace, growing


What to expect

  • Body Scans

  • Meditation

  • Sacred Movement

  • Creative Writing Share

  • Herbal Remedies & Honoring

  • Community Building

  • Vendors & Light Bites

  • Music & Modalities

Community Intention

Choosing this journey is deciding to awaken what is hidden from view but not out of reach or sight.

We will gather and establish a frequency that prompts our collective advancement toward building sturdy foundations in wholeness, balance & restoration.  A nurtured healing will unfurl through community care.


Pen, Pad & Zen is a curated experience of liberation through creative writing, yoga and & cannabis. A safe space is provided for vulnerability in conversation and open exchanges. Together we place voice to our reasoning. Through somatic movement, we connect back to our bodies and environment. 

Our initiative will utilize tools and resources to reconnect to one's state of joy and calm. Aligning the healing frequencies for manging the various stages of greif and nurturing ones nervous system. 


This journey alongside its processes will facilitate and make room for an acknowledgement of self-trust & internal resilience. We each will walk away rejuvenated, informed & in bliss. 


Select an add on to enhance your experience and join us an hr early. Options include consultations, massage therapy, tarot readings and more... 

Intuitive flow
w/ Kristina

KristinaPortrait (1).jpg

CEO of MoreVisions

Professional Dancer & Yoga Instructor 

Having recently received her 200HR RYT in 2021, Kristina fell in love with the practice and movements of yoga.


As a person with BPD she's dedicated her life's journey to studying the mental practices and benefits of yoga to guide her to an emotional wealthy state of being.


Though mindfulness is a long-time practice for Kristina, opening her heart to yoga has allowed her to find more ways of embodying her best self. Using the modality of yogic practices she focuses on taking care of self and helping others do the same on their individual journeys of honoring the body and its flow.


"If you grow in awareness, you will grow in love." - Unknown


"Love to all.

The light in me honors the light in you."

Holistic Health
w/ JO

josie (1).jpg

CEO of CannablissJo Consulting,

Cannabis Consultant, MA 

Jo, mother of four beautiful children is a multi-disciplinarian in fields ranging from stem cell research training at Duke University to completing her studies to become a certified herbalist and birth/death doula. Having been in the medical field for over 20 years, her passion is holistic health and helping others build a better quality of life.

Specializing in creating full regimen plans for patients within the cannabis community across Florida, Jo aims to bring awareness to root chakra healing with a focus on sexual trauma, domestic abuse and how they impact one’s mental health.

A patient advocate and women's empowerment visionary, Jo will be sharing her wisdom as she leads us in discussion on the benefits of plant medicine and herbal communion from the lense of an empathic, root working healer.

Lucid Explorations
w/ Alexa


CEO of Wilt and Bloom,

Artist & Creative Wellness Facilitator

Alexa is the creator of Poetry & Prose.

An initiative that began at the height of the pandemic in response to an overwhelming need for individuals who identify as creatives to interact and transmute their internal suffering through the power of community and collective intention. As an expansion of that initiative Pen, Pad & Zen leads with a focus on mental health and body attunement.

Creating and upholding sacred safe spaces alongside the modality of empowered word flow is Alexas strength. In honoring masculine and feminine balance, these foundations will be a guiding light and anchor within this collective communion.

A budding certified herbalist, Alexa will be providing insight and offerings that assist in grounding and rewiring of neurological pathways in efforts to transition from grief to expansion.

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