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Wakey Wakey: Blend Detail

Updated: Jul 23, 2019

Time to Wake Up!

Tulsi also known as Holy Basil or the Elixir of Life is an herb that is highly revered for its many properties both medicinally and spiritually. As an adaptogenic hgh in antioxidants, it's optimal for immune health and the nervous system. Bringing harmony to the energetic bodies by clearing out what has become stagnant and blocked. It is an amazing emotional ally for this reason.

While Ginko and Nettle both enhance cardiovascular health, Ginko brings a focus to cognitive function by enhancing memory, protecting against mental health disorders and increasing neurotransmitters. Nettle fortifies many area from the liver, digestive tract, metabolism and is not only a diuretic but a uterine tonic and nutritive. On the spiritual plane both of these plants work beautifully along side Holy Basil. Ginko highlights duality at the same time an awareness to unity. This helps us come into an understanding of our interconnections as well as how things must change. Life and death, wilting and blooming and finding the balance in-between those space. Nettle being an assistant with the energetic cleansing, fortifies the auras protection. It aids in establishing assertiveness, initiative and commitment all while discerning boundaries and structure. Bringing us into more clarity of what to keep and what to release.

Finally we have Rose, the enchantress. Known as one of, if not the highest vibrating medicinal floral. A blood tonic, digestive stimulant, menstrual regulator and kidney tonic to name a few, roses are not only beautiful but highly beneficial. Protective and grounding this herb well renowned for assistance in love and friendship, its skin healing properties and ability to bring one into a higher state of compassion.


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