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" I love, love, love  the Muladhara Dew! My partner and I use it as an air freshener and I will mist myself with it quite often. Very nice aura cleanser. <3 Thank you! "

                                                       - Crystal

"I received my infused honey nicely packaged and ready to use. I use it in my tea mostly. It is filled with all natural ingredients and definetly aids in fighting off illness and germs floating around this time of year. A must have in my house!

                                -Lydia W.

I had been having some issues around my moon cycle and consulted with Alexandra to get a hold of anything that could afford me some relief and could also help to balance the hormones. She quickly whipped up a womb tincture and tea to my delight. The tincture is quite powerful and I take it daily to every other day. I can tell that Alexandra puts a lot of effort, care and intent in her medicines. I drink the tea about a week before my moon time and it really helps to offset symptoms of PMS and alleviate pain and discomfort when the hard part begins. Wilt & Bloom's products are a life saver! Thank you Alexandra!  

                                       Takiya C.

The synchronizing syrup has a great taste it can be used in tea. I personally used it in green tea and before meditation. I think it has a calming effect on the body. When taken alone it provided relief for my respiratory and digestive system. It's cool that it has horsetail in it given that it strengthens bones, teeth and hair. I've specifically been looking to consume and use more things to strengthen my hair.

- Seraph

“I suffer from extreme migraines and bad mood swings. I’ve tried every over the counter medicine and even some prescriptions but nothing helped with the pain. I tried the W(om)b tincture and tea and noticed a difference right away. The drops worked instantly and the tea kept me balanced throughout the day. Both products are absolutely amazing!!!”                                           

                                                -Chanté H.

I use the Highs and Rose flower essence. It has a great taste and I love to use it during my bath time rituals. Definetly can tell a lot of loving energy was placed into this medicine. Thank You!


I got a chance to try out Alexa's cough syrup and a tea blend while I was under the weather with the flu and I was so pleasantly surprised when after a few days of taking the syrup I felt a major belief in my throat as well as my sinuses feeling clearer. Furthermore, the taste was great and the consistency was perfect. I had to make sure I didn't take the whole bottle at once lol 


The tea, which had a number of herbs included, was very soothing. Thank you Alexa! I can tell you put care into the preparation!

-Maya R.

My custom blend turned my cold around very swiftly. Alexandra has a nack for herban alchemy and is my go to for herbal remedies.  I also received a vial of the Aquas Protejidas  that helped stabalize my moods and enhance my dreams, not to mention it tastes really good!

-Jarreau W.

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